Mexican Talavera, Primavera and Suprema

One whole class of products are the handmade earthenware tiles from Mexico called Talavera, Primavera and Suprema. These decorative products create a classic Mediterranean or Central/South American look that is beautiful, authentic and unchanged for decades.  Most of these products are special order items, however we get shipments every Friday, so we generally obtain them quickly.

There are some cautions to remember when ordering and using this type of tile:

  • These tile products are not rated for kitchen counter tops or work surfaces, although they may be used in bathroom applications. These tiles can stain from certain substances such as wine, oil, juice, cola, cleaners or sealers. If you insist on putting our tiles on a counter, please incorporate a built-in cutting board or other work-surface into your design.
  • These products are not rated for floor installation due to wear and slipping concerns, but 2 x 2s and 1 x 1s may be used on shower pans, where the small size provides reasonable footing.
  • These tiles are considered for indoor wall use application only, and are not freeze tolerant.
  • The surfaces of handcrafted tiles are rarely flat and may vary in thickness. Installers should shuffle tile and/or draw from multiple cartons to take advantage of these variations.
  • Color and shade variation are sometimes extreme, and may differ from product samples. Several types of surface irregularities can occur, for example, surface pops, puddles of glaze in depressions, and variations because glazes are hand-painted. In addition, crazing and crackling are inherent characteristics of the glazes on these handcrafted tiles.
  • Samples may not accurately represent the full range of variations of the actual order.  Also, lot variation in size and color may occur from shipment to shipment.
  • These tiles are not waterproof. A mud set or thin set is recommended, especially if tile will come in contact with water. Never apply these tiles to green board or sheetrock & never use mastic.
  • Unglazed tile, like Primavera and Suprema matte colors, should be sealed before grouting.
  • The Ceramic Tile Institute does not rate these tiles. They are not wear resistant and are not guaranteed to be wear resistant.
  • As in all tile, handcrafted tiles can chip, nick & scratch. Please pack and handle carefully until installed.